Mehmet Davut

I am CTO at, Full-Stack Developer, Blockchain Developer, DevOps, Entrepreneur, Investor and Astrologer.
You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

CTO at is a subscription based e-commerce platform. Merchants can create & publish their subscription based e-commerce by using substructure. is the marketplace for these products. The products are developed by using Ruby on Rails, Vue.js on AWS.

Full-Stack Developer

I've developed web applications for several startups in Turkey, such as

Global Miles is a blockchain based loyalty system which you can earn points from your fligts and shopping and spend them to buy airline tickets. It is an application for iOS and Android, I've developed their APIs with Ruby on Rails and smart contract for ERC-20 token on Ethereum platform, also leaded Jr. Developers and maintain servers. is a data platform for Turkish startup ecosystem. It presents all informations about startup ecosystem including startups, VCs, accelerators, investments, acquisitions and so on. I have developed it by using Ruby on Rails.

Blockchain Developer

I've developed some smart contracts on Ethereum platform for startups


GMile was one of the first Smart Contract which was developed in Turkey and one of the top 50 contracts in Ethereum network by transaction count. I've published it in March 2017 for GlobalMiles to store and distribute bonus points for their customers.


Kimlic was Digital Identity project which works on private Ethereum network to store and validate customers' identity for corporations like banks, post offices, etc. It won award Webrazzi Arena 2017

I've been working with advertising agencies in Istanbul and developed microsites, social media apps and so on for big brands in Turkey like Kitchenette, Komşufırın, Nusr-et, Monochrome, Varyap Yalıkavak which you can see all in my Portfolio.


I've been writing about technology at And also I've my Personal Blog writing about tech, Turkey and Morocco.


Since 2011, I read, join courses and train myself about Astrology. I've interpreted horoscope of more than 300 people and collect data about astrological knowledge.